Companions for Development - since 1992

Elaine Beadle


My professional background

Co-founder of MIRA - Companions for Development (1992 to present), lecturer and course leader at various continuing education institutions (since 1992), independent business consultant (since 1981 in New Zealand, from 1990 also in Europe), management positions in the hospitality, tourism and arts festival enterprises in Australia and New Zealand up to 1980. Born and educated in New Zealand and with a background in business administration, I trained in organisation development (Dutch Institute for Organisation Development) and biographical counselling at Centre for Social Development, Emerson College, Sussex UK

Challenges I find attractive

Helping people and organisation who are trying to do business in a way that is healthy, sustainable and helps our planet. Creating conditions for healing for people with difficult life stories. Entrepreneuring is in my blood and I love helping start-ups and scale-ups.

I never forget

To believe in each individual’s ability to develop, that we are human beings of body, soul and spirit who are connected at all these levels with our planet and its environment

My upbringing and roots in New Zealand which enable me to keep being….

My clients

My consulting experience covers many fields: industry, trade, retail, media, IT, state owned   and non-profit organizations such as ministries, schools, clinics and care organisations.  My clients have included many value-oriented companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand. I have worked in organisation and personnel development, leadership coaching and biography work, designing and monitoring change processes, conflict mediation and resolution, teaching programmes.

Clients now include some of the above plus individuals seeking to find their future

How do I learn?

From life, from my mistakes and from all the people I have the privilege to work with and serve

“Your own biography is the best book you can learn to read."

My Networks

The international Association for Social Development (ASD) and the Worldwide Biography Conference are my professional affiliations.  I serve as a Director for Ceres Organics Ltd, Steiner Education Development Trust Ltd, Design for Life Ltd and Flowform International Inc., and am a Board member and Trustee of Cloverleaf Foundation, Amsterdam.

Pro Bono

Trustee, Steiner Education Development Foundation

Co-founder and member of the Section for Social Sciences in New Zealand


Author of ASTRA - a personal development programme 

Co-author of "The Organisation for Porcupines"


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