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Rhyll Stafford

Rhyll Stafford


My Professional Background

Initially in Social Service and Violence Prevention, and part-time Senior Lecturing in Tertiary Education in Humanities, I’ve been working with Individual, Team, Community and Organisation Development since 1996.

My Masters in Organisation Development (UWS), Graduate Diplomas in Higher Education (UNITEC) and Psycho Social Studies (AUT), Group Work Competency, Coaching and Supervision qualifications have served this path.

Challenges I find attractive

I never tire of forging purposeful and united ways forward with individuals, teams and as organisations. And ensuring we walk the talk, so we have the right to work with others development, is always an inspiring challenge.  

I never forget…..

  • that everyone has the capacity to develop, and the purpose of team and organisation development is to better serve the client or customer.  
  • the deep commitment MIRA has to development and our unique ways for improve our client’s culture and customer focus.

My clients

I work across Health, Local Government, Not for Profit sectors and Commercial sectors (mainly in Family Businesses). I am busy with Coaching, Supervision, Facilitation and Training and particularly enjoy projects that; develop in-house coaches, provide change management support and strategic development, facilitate team/leadership development and build interpersonal and cross cultural competence.

I also conduct Social Research for Community and Organisation Development (underpinned by many years lecturing in Social Research), and use this methodology to inform solutions for clients.

How do I learn

I learn from what inspires me; practically, in the short term through doing and reflecting, and powerfully, over the long term through life and people. 

These principles of experiential learning (learning from doing) and developmental learning (changing over time) and drawing on what inspires us, informs all my work. 

My networks

My professional affiliation is the Association for Social Development (ASD).

I also regularlly attend the Worldwide Biography Conferences, and have membership in New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC), Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association Aoteroa NZ (DAPAANZ).


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